What is the Best Blockchain Stock to Invest in 2024?


Overview of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology provides a decentralized, distributed digital ledger that records transactions securely and transparently without needing third-party validation. The technology first emerged as the foundation for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but now has far broader applications across industries like finance, healthcare, supply chain, and more.

As blockchain adoption grows globally, investors are taking note of the long-term potential of companies enabling and leveraging blockchain tech. But with hype cycles still at play in this nascent space, it’s important to analyze fundamentals before investing.

Why Invest in Blockchain Stocks?

Here are some of the key investment thesis points for the blockchain industry:

  • Global spending on blockchain solutions will reach $20B by 2024, representing rapid growth.
  • High projected GDP impact as blockchain enables transparency, automation, provenance tracking, and other benefits across sectors.
  • First-mover advantage allows companies established in crypto to leverage expertise across other emerging technologies like Web3 and metaverse.
  • This helps make a case for adding some exposure to leading blockchain stocks in a diversified portfolio, even acknowledging the volatility.

Top Blockchain Stocks for 2024

Here are the most compelling blockchain stocks to consider buying for 2024 and beyond:

Coinbase Global (COIN)


As a leading cryptocurrency exchange in the US, Coinbase has benefited greatly from the spikes in crypto trading volumes in recent years. They have also been expanding services across areas like institutional trading, data services, debit cards, NFTs, and more to diversify revenues.

2024 Growth Potential

  • Here are some of the drivers that could fuel growth for Coinbase through 2024:
  • Potential rebound in crypto trading activity, especially for retail traders.
  • Geographic expansion building on early traction in European markets.
  • Developing subscription-based services and transaction fees providing recurring revenue.
  • Increased adoption of Web3 dApps expands the user base utilizing Coinbase’s infrastructure.

Silvergate Capital (SI)


Silvergate provides financial infrastructure solutions to digital asset companies, serving over 1,300 crypto/blockchain clients including exchanges, custodians, asset managers, traders, and more.

Silvergate has some promising drivers for 2024 and beyond:

  • Growing enterprise blockchain adoption requires banking/financing partners like Silvergate.
  • The launch of USD-backed stablecoin could capture a significant stablecoin market share.
  • Geographic expansion to support crypto/blockchain clients internationally such as Asia.
  • Potential M&A target for a major financial institution looking to accelerate crypto capabilities.

PayPal Holdings (PYPL)


In addition to its global digital payments platform, PayPal has been ramping up capabilities in the crypto and blockchain space – allowing users to buy, sell, and hold crypto and more recently launching its stablecoin.

PayPal has meaningful potential in 2024 driven by:

  • Leveraging extensive user base and merchant network for crypto/blockchain services.
  • Developing buy now, pay later, and other credit services for its users, providing additional revenue streams.
  • Expanding ability for consumers to use crypto for payments/transfers through PayPal digital wallets.

Factors to Consider When Investing in Blockchain Stocks

With hype cycles at play and most blockchain companies still early-stage, it’s critical to analyze certain key factors when evaluating investments in this space:

Underlying Blockchain Platform and Use Cases

The sustainability of the blockchain network itself matters significantly – decentralization, security, scalability, and governance are key attributes. Real-world adoption for target use cases like payments, DeFi, supply chain, etc. validates product-market fit.

Financial Health and Valuations

Profitability may still be a few years out for certain high-growth blockchain companies. However analyzing cash reserves, burn rates, revenue quality, and valuations establishes the financial staying power.

Best Blockchain Stock Pick for 2024

For investors looking to add exposure to the high-growth blockchain space in 2024, Coinbase Global (COIN) currently represents the most attractive risk-reward profile. However, conducting further due diligence and diversifying across a basket is prudent given industry volatility.

Management Track Record

For nascent blockchain firms, assessing the execution ability and vision of leadership teams allows gauging their ability to adapt in a constantly evolving technological and regulatory environment. Commitment to transparency and ethical practices also grows in importance.

Conclusion and Final Recommendation

Summary of Analysis

Based on the research into top blockchain stocks, Coinbase stands out as the most compelling pick for 2024 driven by its market leadership, new initiatives in Web3, and the potential rebound in crypto trading activity. Silvergate and PayPal also represent strong long-term plays on blockchain adoption but have more execution risk in the near term.


Q: Is the crypto market too risky for investments right now?

A: The crypto bear market does introduce volatility risks. But adding exposure via leading public stocks can balance risks through underlying blockchain utility and financial fundamentals. Appropriate portfolio allocation is key.

Q: What metrics are most important for blockchain stock analysis?

A: Growth trajectory, quality of revenue streams, profitability timeline views, and cash runway are some of the financial metrics to emphasize more than traditional P/E multiples given nascency. Assessing blockchain network adoption, team quality, and regulatory compliance also matter.

Q: Should blockchain stocks be long-term holdings?

A: Many of the top picks have strong multi-year growth runways as blockchain transforms industries through trust, transparency, and automation. But expect some interim volatility similar to early internet stocks until mainstream adoption matures.

Q: Does blockchain technology have staying power?

A: Blockchain is moving beyond crypto into wider decentralized applications across sectors like finance, supply chain, healthcare, etc. The ability to enable transaction integrity, data security, and process transparency without central intermediaries gives the technology sustainable, long-term utility.

Q: What are the main blockchain investment risks?

A: Crypto market volatility that impacts associated companies, unproven new blockchain platforms failing, intensive regulatory scrutiny around crypto/digital assets, and execution risks for newer companies still establishing operational viability. However, focusing analysis on quality management teams and real-world use traction can help mitigate these investment risks over time.

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